Audit & Assessment Services

CSR Audit & Assessment

Grecom provides strategic advice to Board of Directors of a company to help identify gaps, mismatches and potential or emerging risks. Grecom helps its client to measure the results, effectiveness and value of CSR and Sustainability initiatives. Grecom’s services cover assessment of current responsible business strategies, benchmarking against CSR standards, competitors and best practices.
The sustainable objectives of the organization are achieved by linking the above through Grecom’s CSR training programs, personal development programs, by employee coaching and assessment. Grecom conducts CSR audits & assessments, which monitor and measure client’s organization’s progress in CSR.

Social Audit & Assessment

Social Accountability Audit and Assessment ensure that your business partners abide with your company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Compliance. Grecom helps clients to evaluate social compliance throughout the supply chain. Grecom conducts social audits & assessments, which monitor and measure client’s organization’s progress against relevant indicators, benchmarks and international standards (i.e. SA8000, BSCI, WRAP, FLA, and ETI. ICTI, SEDEX etc.)

HSE Audit & Assessment

Grecom conducts Corporate HSE audits in order to assess the effectiveness of the HSE Management System (HSE-MS). They are meant to provide independent assurance that HSE risks are adequately controlled and managed, and to identify areas for further improvements. Grecom conducts HSE audits, which monitor and measure client’s organization’s progress against relevant indicators, benchmarks and international standards.

Integrity & Ethical Audit and Assessment

Ethical auditing is a process which measures the internal and external consistency of an organization’s values base. The reasons for examining the state of a company's ethics are many and various. They include external societal pressures, risk management, stakeholder obligations and identifying a baseline to measure future improvements. The companies choose to do it simply because it is right and because it is likely to bring business benefits. Grecom conducts Integrity and Ethics audits& assessments, which monitor and measure your organization’s progress against relevant indicators, benchmarks and standards covering measures future improvement, learn how to meet any societal expectations give stakeholders the opportunity to clarify their expectations of the company's behaviour, identify specific problem areas within the company and to learn about the issues which motivate employees.

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is the key to a systematic approach for decision-making in the area of energy management. It attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use, and serves to identify all the energy streams in a facility. It quantifies energy usage according to its discrete functions. Industrial energy audit is an effective tool in defining and pursuing comprehensive energy management program. Grecom conducts energy audits for its clients to take appropriate decisions in the area of energy management. Through Energy Audit it is possible to calculate Energy Performance Index of facilities and it is possible to compare with similar facilities and also with best in class.

Benefits of Energy Audit



» Financial savings with optimization of Energy use. » Reduction of Carbon Foot Print of facilities.
» Electrical Demand control. » Improvement of Sustainability Index
» Optimization of contract Demand. » Assisting in reduction of Global Warming.
» Competitiveness of operations. » Enhancement of Social Corporate Responsibility.
» Longer Life of Equipment & Electrical Distribution Cables. » Enhancement of Reliance level of end users.
» Optimization of Sizing of Equipment and Cables.
» Improved Marketability of facilities and institutions.

Scope of Energy Audit

» Study of Electricity Bills, Contract Demand & Power Factor & Loading Pattern. » Thermal Study: Geysers/Solar Water heating system.
» Power Distribution Study. » Solar Photovoltaic systems study.
» Electrical Systems Study. » Pump systems study.
» Power Quality Analysis. » Study of Lighting System.
» Diesel Gen Set Audit. » Recommendation of ENCON measures.
» Computer system applications. » Refrigeration.
» HVAC study. » Gas Ovens and other kitchen equipment.

General Health & Safety Audit & Assessment

Grecom conducts Corporate HSE audits in order to assess the effectiveness of the HSE Management System of the organization. Grecom provides independent assurance that HSE risks are adequately controlled and managed, and areas of improvement are identified. Grecom conducts HSE audits, which monitor and measure client’s organization’s progress against relevant indicators, benchmarks and international standards.

Scope of General health and safety audit

Local law compliances relating to general health and safety & environmental, The assessment and report on general fire safety systems including fire alarm, waterhose reels, sprinkles, fire extinguishers, exits & emergency exits, general electrical installations, environmental requirements relating to disposition of water, etc. is covered under this audit.

General, Fire and Electrical Safety Audit & Assessment

Fire is one of the serious threats faced by every individual and organization. Many people have lost their lives due to fire. Apart from human casualties, fires can cause property damage affecting the building, plant and machinery, furniture and fittings, electrical equipment and can cause discontinuity of operations and loss of reliability. The other losses like loss of market, loss of goodwill, loss of data and damage to the reputation cannot be assessed quantitatively and hence fire poses severe threats to the survival of the organization. Interestingly many of the property losses are not covered by insurance due to lack of insurance awareness and cost factor involved in taking insurance in India. The total actual loss due to fires in the country could be of high magnitude. Identifying potential electrical hazards to prevent or minimize loss of life and property is perceived seriously by many chemical industries in the world over. Grecom conducts General, Fire and Electrical Safety Audit & Assessment, which monitor and measure client’s organization’s progress against relevant indicators, benchmarks and international standards.

Scope of Electrical and Fire Safety audit may comprises of
» Compliance to Statutory Rules » Electrical Protection System
» Ear thing and bonding System » Electrical Single Line Diagram / Lay Out Diagram / Equipment
» Electrical Fire Hazards » Layout / Electrical Control diagram
» Electrical Shock/ Flash / Injury Hazards » Electro-Static (ES) Hazards and Control
» Competency and Adequacy of Electrical Personnel » Assessment of PPE available viz. a viz. Requirement.
» Electrical Accident Investigation Procedure » Assessment of work permit procedure /LOTO.
» Importance of Electrical Safety in the Overall Safety System » Assessment of Competence of Vendors and selection criteria for their selection for electrical vendors erection and maintenance jobs
» Electrical Preventive Maintenance » Assessment of Electrical protection systems
» Lightning Protection » Assessment of installed meters for sufficiency & functioning
» Hazardous Area Classification and Installation of Special Electrical Equipment

Power Quality Audit

Power Quality Audit Identifies Power Quality issues, reliability and stability concerns before they actually impact on your facilities power performance. Grecom conducts detailed Power quality audit to make a detailed power analysis to.

  • » Determination of power quality needs of critical equipment
  • » Single point of failure analysis, present constraints, capacity, risks and redundancy analysis
  • » Continuity and integrity of connections checks
  • » Quality and capacity of existing electrical equipment
  • » Data centre power protection systems analysis
  • » Circuit breaker coordination review
  • » Single point of failure analysis
  • » Monitoring and reporting
  • » Comprehensive report with measurements and recommendations

Building Safety Audit

Building Safety Audit is an overall health and performance check-up of a building like a doctor examines a patient. It ensures that the building and its premises are safe and have no risk. It analyses and suggests appropriate repairs and retrofitting measures required for the buildings to perform better in its service life. Poor structural integrity and insufficient fire safety measures can have disastrous consequences. Grecom offers Building Safety audits to ensure that your suppliers' industrial and commercial premises are safe, up to relevant codes, and present no danger to employee life and health. Structural audits include a comprehensive check of buildings and premises, including.

Purpose of Structural Audit
» To save human life and buildings » Verification of Load Conditions
» To understand the condition of building » Evaluation of the Structural System of the Building
» Detection of Structural Defects, Damages, - Distress, Deformation or Deterioration » Assessing Maintenance and Exposure to Aggressive Environment
» Plan and Alignment Check » Other Structural Surveys and Checks
» To find critical areas to repair immediately  
» To comply with statutory requirements  
» To enhance life cycle of building by suggesting preventive and corrective measures like repairs and retrofitting  

The findings of all structural audits are presented in a detailed report that includes an assessment of the current condition and suggestions for appropriate repairs and retrofitting measures. Grecom can provide services, such as live load analysis, redesign of fire/electric safety systems, and more, to assist the factory in implementing the necessary corrective actions.

Why Perform a Structural Audit
  • » To ensure safe working conditions, preventing injury and loss of life
  • » To protect your brand’s image and reputation
  • » To comply with statutory requirements (construction and design codes by country)
  • » To gain an accurate picture of the state of safety in your supply chain
  • » To prevent supply chain interruptions

Water Audit

Grecom assists its clients to conduct a water audit. A water audit is an accounting procedure that monitors where and how much water enters and leaves a water system.The principal purpose of a water audit is to accurately determine the amount of unaccounted water (UAW) in a water system. UAW is calculated from verified supply and consumption records, factoring in various estimated usage figures. Water Audit allows the assessment of current usage, provides data needed to reduce water and revenue losses, and allows forecasts of future water needs.

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