Quality Inspection Services

Grecom offers inspection services for manufacturers, retailers, traders as well as international buyers and sellers of goods and products. Independent pre-shipment inspection of goods helps identify potential product defects or inconsistencies. It is a simple, highly effective way of safeguarding your company against costly import risks and expensive product recalls. Inspections can be performed on-site before, during and after production. Grecom’s compliance experts will be there at client’s production centres to match and verify the specifications which are agreed by Buyer and the Seller against product that comes out of the factory. Inspections are conducted according to ASQC / ANSI / ISO / MIL standards. Our Teams of experienced professional Inspectors ensure that the quality and performance of products meet applicable requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or client specific.

Our Third Party Consumer Goods Inspection Services are as follow

  • » Textile and Apparel Inspections
  • » Hard goods Inspections
  • » Electrical and Electronics Inspections
  • » Leather Goods Inspections
  • » Food Inspections
  • » Stationery Inspections
  • » Artificial Jewellery Inspections
  • » Others

Our Scope of work:

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

A pre-production inspection is completed right before the beginning of the actual mass production and after the identification/evaluation of vendor or factory to confirm that the vendor understood the order’s requirements and specifications and is well prepared for production. Also, sample will be picked and be tested in lab. To get a clear idea of the production schedule and predict any possible problems that could affect the quality of goods, the PPI will set up a preliminary production test to match the golden sample. The PPI thus permits timely corrections and improvement before the mass production is initiated; any nonconformity is immediately reported to avoid delay in shipment.

Initial Production Inspection (IPI)

This inspection shall be performed at the initial stage of production when 20 to 50 pieces are ready and these are checked for measurement and workmanship. At this stage, Grecom that clients that the products are compliant with the approved samples and the production method are correct.

During Production Inspection (DPI)

Between 30% and 50% of the manufacturing process the DPI will monitor packed and ready to go products. During the DPI, Grecom checks product appearance (AQL), workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, functionality assortment, accessories, labelling, and logos. Grecom experts also check the packaging, other tests, and special requirements depending on the product and or export market. The During Production Inspection (DPI) will also cover the raw materials, unfinished products, and the planning of production.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)

Final Random Inspection (FRI) is an on-site Product Inspection that ensures the conformity of production to your specifications. This ensures the conformity of your product with its specifications and quality requirement before shipment. This control takes place when 100% of the goods are produced and 80% packed (sometimes it is as per specific requirements of the client).

100% Full Check Inspection

A designated QC team will station at factory site and ensure 100% quality check of the goods. Every piece of product will be inspected and repacked. All defective goods will be sorted out.

All inspections are conducted by experts with in-depth knowledge of the latest inspection techniques and technology.

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