Testing & Calibration Services

Laboratory Testing

Grecom offers an extensive selection of lab tests, performed to the full range of international standards at our associate fully accredited laboratories. Grecom provides outstanding service coverage and an industry-leading turnaround, conducting tests to a wide range of international and industry-specific standards. Clients can put their requests online by filling up booking form. Grecom assures you best prices and turnaround time without compromise on the quality.

Grecom offers below testing services:
  • » Soft lines (Garments, Footwear & Textiles)
  • » Hard lines (Toys, Electronics & Electrical, Cosmetics, Jewellery etc.)
  • » Leather Testing
  • » Food Testing
  • » RSL & Analytical Testing
  • » Water Testing ( all type of water testing)
  • » Environment Testing ( air emission, noise, lighting, temperature and much more)
Grecom/s lab tests include:
  • » Physical/Mechanical testing
  • » Chemical testing for lead, heavy metals and phthalates
  • » Flammability testing (wearing apparel & hard lines
  • » Indirect food additives/food simulating solvent extractives
  • » Reliability, comparative, and destructive testing
  • » Performance evaluations
  • » Component and raw materials testing
  • » Toxicological Risk Assessments (TRA)
  • » Packaging and labelling evaluations
  • » Regulatory testing, including CPSIA, REACH, ROHS, ASTM, FDA, and more.

Calibration Services through its associated ISO 17025 laboratory

Green Edge Compliance Group Private Limited assists its clients for best calibration service through its associated accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 ISO 17025 laboratory as per NABL(National Accreditation body for labs) norms complying calibration SOPs and internal audit schedule. Green Edge Compliance Group Private Limited.


The standard used in calibration by our associated calibration laboratory has to be calibrated with another reference standard of better accuracies. This process goes up as a chain - called the Traceability Chain, up to the highest level of standards, maintained by a National Laboratory. Thus Traceability means that there is a documented link between the accuracy of an instrument and the National Standards. In India all primary standard are maintained by National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi.

Qualities which make Green Edge Compliance Group Private Limited different from the others:
  • » Speedy and on time service to the clients
  • » Consistently fast turnaround and response times
  • » Excellence in metrology
  • » Highly trained, professional support staff
  • » Professional, well organized laboratories
  • » Providing Value added services to the customers
  • » World class, complete OEM service at a competitive price
  • » Diligently serve the local needs of worldwide customers
  • » Efficient Customer Service fast response time
  • » Always friendly, helpful, and responsive
  • » Committed to total customer satisfaction

Grecom Services includes physical Calibration, Process Calibration, Calibration Lab, On-Site Calibration and calibration & Maintenance Contracts and Grecom takes calibration of the below:

  • » Mechanical Measuring instruments e.gVernier Caliper, Micrometers, dial indicators, bore gauges, Thread plug/Ring gauge etc.
  • » Weighing balances
  • » Sound Level meter
  • » Lux Meter
  • » PH Meter
  • » Hydrometer and much more

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